Changes made on 2024/02/24
  • SoloCraft: Removed for now. Got issues with Login due the update of main realm.
Changes made on 2024/02/23
  • Server: Core & DB update.
Changes made on 2023/12/27
  • SoloCraft: Server restarter enabled.
Changes made on 2023/12/21
  • Server: 2nd TBC realm added "SoloCraft"TBC
Changes made on 2023/12/12
  • Server: Realm 2.4.3 renamed to "Helspire" (Copy Data from old realm name to new in HermesProxy folder. For HC users also check WTF folder. Copy everything from old realm name to new.)
  • Server: Dark Portal requires lvl 61. (So Belfs & Dr are playable)
  • Server: Level Cap 60!
Changes made on 2023/12/11
  • Server: Visibility.Distance.Continents 533. Because why not. (for now)
  • Server: Tram appears using 2.5.2 client now.
  • Server: Core update.
Changes made on 2023/12/10
  • Website: Removed DP cost from store.
  • Website: Removed Donation
Changes made on 2023/12/02
  • Website: Bug Report added.
  • Server: Subdomain realmlist added ""
Changes made on 2023/11/29
  • Website: Added twitch window to home page.
Changes made on 2023/11/21
  • Client: Updated HermesProxy in client 2.5.2
Changes made on 2023/11/05
  • Server: Rate.Rest.Offline.InWilderness = 1.5
  • Server: Rate.Rest.Offline.InTavernOrCity = 2
  • Server: Rate.Rest.InGame = 2
Changes made on 2023/11/03
  • Website: Priv DNS added.
  • Website: Domain extended 1 year.
Changes made on 2023/11/01
  • Server: Core update.
Changes made on 2023/10/20
  • Website: Added some items to store. ;)
Changes made on 2023/10/13
  • Server: Rep gained increased to 1.3x (was 1x)
  • Server: Regen Hp/Mana reduced to 1.5x (was 2x)
  • Server: Quest item drop rate 1.2x
Changes made on 2023/10/11
  • Website: Removed Vanilla realm from list for now. Got some work next month or so. Will return to this later on. (Vanilla Custom HC realm)
Changes made on 2023/10/09
  • Server: Mob pathing trough water corrected.
Changes made on 2023/09/24
  • Server: Added Classic 1.12 test realm.
  • Server: Wand Auto Attack bug have been fixed. (Next update)
Changes made on 2023/09/23
  • Server: WorldDB updated
Changes made on 2023/09/22
  • Server: mmaps updated to v8.
  • Server: Brew fest fixed. Spawn outside of Orgrimmar & Ironforge.
  • Forum: Class Guides added to HardCore section.
Changes made on 2023/09/21
  • Website: Addons & Client downloads separated.
Changes made on 2023/09/18
  • Server: Mob rendering distance 250yards (This might have huge impact on lower end pcs)
  • Server: Hp / Mana Regen 2x (I want you to fight more, sit less)
  • Server: You can now see Mobs HP correctly.
Changes made on 2023/09/13
  • Server: AH bot sale reduced by 10%
Changes made on 2023/09/12
  • Server: Online Guild counter enabled in Discord Bot Info.
  • Server: 2 Way Communication enabled. [Discord to Game and vice versa]
  • Server: [HC-Elite] Guild Chat to Discord added.
Changes made on 2023/09/10
  • Server: 2x rate on Rare, Epic, Legendary items.
  • Server: Reverted rates to 1x.
Changes made on 2023/09/09
  • Server: Horde & Alliance can chat/group/guild together.
Changes made on 2023/09/08
  • Server: 3x Rates applied over the weekend.
Changes made on 2023/09/07
  • Client: Removed readme.txt from Game folder.
Changes made on 2023/09/06
  • Client: Easier game startup included in game files.
  • Website: 2.4.3 "Old Client" added to Downloads
  • Server: DB backup daily at 6 AM.
  • Forum: Categories added.
Changes made on 2023/09/05
  • Website: 8 Vote websites added.
  • Website: Account recovery is UP.
  • Website: Account creation us UP.
  • Client: 2.5.2 Client repacked with easier access to game.
  • Forum: Forum is UP.
  • Server: Server is UP.